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Jill from Landsmeer became the winner of Thursday evening Big Brother. She beat Flemish Nick and Liese in the final and takes home a prize pool of 70,405.50 euros.

The winner was chosen by public votes. Halfway through the evening, Liese, the only candidate in the final who had been there from the beginning of the hundred days, was already told that she was not among the last two. The two remaining candidates started at that point again with zero votes.

The first live show of the program was shown on January 4, followed by a daily broadcast on RTL 5 and the Belgian channel VIER. A live stream was broadcasted 24 hours a day via Videoland. The weekly live show was presented by Geraldine Kemper and Peter Van de Veire, who also presented the final.

Big Brother was first broadcast in 1999 and was shown on different channels and in different versions until 2006. Since its inception in 1999, the program has been broadcast in some eighty countries.

Winnares Jill (Ingo Cali)

Winnares Jill (Ingo Cali)

Winnares Jill (Ingo Cali)

Photo: Ingo Cali


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