“Big Brother Vip”, Myriam is the eliminated competitor of the ninth episode

“Sparks and hot temperatures among the competitors not even a month from the start” … So Alfonso Signorini introduces the ninth episode of “Big Brother Vip”: “A real vitamin C, to be taken without precautions twice a week”. In the studio, in addition to the commentators Pupo and Antonella Elia, also Franceska Pepe.
After opening the connection with the House and greeting the tenants Signorini calls the three named Myriam Catania, Stefania Orlando and Maria Teresa Ruta in the Mystery Room.

Myriam – Signorini asks Stefania and Maria Teresa to leave him alone with Myriam, who during the week has repeatedly expressed the desire to leave the house. After showing her a summary clip of the key moments that see her as the protagonist, the host asks the actress to clarify herself and everyone and decide if she wants to stay or if she wants to leave permanently, but to accept what will be the verdict of the vote. . Myriam decides to submit to the judgment of the public, she hopes to be eliminated, but if it were not she will stay: “I make the public decide, they will send me to my son! I stay until the public decides to send me home”.

Stefania and Maria Teresa – Signorini asks the other two Vippos if they want to stay. Both express the desire not to leave the House and to have other cards to play in order to be appreciated.
At this point the conductor closes the televoting.

Maria Teresa vs Matilde – Signorini asks for a direct confrontation between the two women, who have always shown they don’t get along very well. Show an explanatory video of their conflicted relationship and pits them against each other. “You can’t stand each other anymore”, Signorini declares. Brandi felt offended at how she judged her, while Ruta accused her of having mentioned her from the start. Teased by the host, Maria Teresa says she feels different from Matilde in being a mother and in approaching. Matilde shares.

The “bedside tables” – In the house there are also the so-called “bedside tables”, explains Signorini, or competitors who never expose themselves and struggle to make decisions. The conductor shows a clip in which Tommaso Zorzi it confronts them with their behaviors, people who hide and avoid exposing themselves in the game. Among them there are Andrea, Enock, Pierpaolo and Elisabetta, which according to Thomas would have coalesced. Those directly involved defend themselves: “Comfort zone, not coalition”, explains Zelletta. And Gregoraci rejects the accusations against Zorzi: “Tommaso is always with Maria Teresa, Stefania and Myriam too. He too has his own clan then ”. Francesco, on the other hand, who seems to get along with everyone, is defined by Alfonso as a strategist. He denies. For the first time Enock also exposes himself and argues with Zorzi. From the studio Franceska Pepe gives a bedside table to Andrea who gets mad at her and calls her “unlucky”.

The first verdict of televoting – Signorini reads the contents of the envelope with the result of the public vote: the first vip to escape is Maria Teresa Route.

Stefania Orlando – Signorini summons Stefania to the Mystery Room and shows a video in which the presenter speaks with extreme sincerity about a topic that is often very difficult to talk about and claims that she has never felt the desire for motherhood and that a woman can be happy even without having children. , but that her only regret remains that of her husband, who may feel the need to have a child with another because she never wanted one. Signorini then shows her the message that her husband Simone sent her in which he tells her that the two of them are already a family, even without children. Then there is a surprise for her: Simone appears behind the glass and plays for her on the guitar.

Franceska – Signorini says that everyone in some way undergoes the “charm” of the model, that everything she says makes sure that she is talked about and that her natural ability to say what she thinks without artifice is a quality that makes her very ” popular”. Pupo finds that this “quality” is absolutely negative and clashes with Signorini: “You are not a good example”, says Pupo, Signorini replies: “But we have been talking about it for half an hour”. And the columnist: “The apology no, however, eh!”.

And among the VIPs it happens to be talking about Franceska. The first to clash with her from the House is Dayane Mello, whom she had defined as a “bad mother”, then it is Myriam’s turn, who tells her that she is “bad” for free: “Raise your elbow less and rub less with children of the house that you are also a mother, “Franceska tells her.

Even Pierpaolo has no nice words for her: “If Franceska had Elisabetta’s nail she would be a great woman” and finally Tommaso hopes that the good he saw in her is still there …

A surprise for Myriam – Signorini calls her in the Confessional and shows her a video in which there is a message from SImona Izzo, her aunt.

The final verdict – Signorini asks Myriam and Stefania, the two tenants who remained on the televoting, to say a last message to someone in the House and they both turn to Tommaso calling him a “nice person”. At this point Signorini calls him to the Super Led and gives him the envelope with the task of reading the verdict: Myriam leaves the house.
The host then informs the competitors that they are all on televoting and launches a flash vote, through which the public will decide who will be immune to elimination.

Surprise for Countess De Blank – After showing a clip that tells the key moments that saw her as protagonist, Signorini asks the countess to go to the Glass Room and there waiting for her behind the glass is an old love of hers, Alvaro the carpenter, whom she does not recognize. and denies having had as a lover 30 years before: “I those who have trumpets .. I remember them all”, he says. It’s actually all a joke.

Then Signorini calls Enock in the Confessional where in connection there is his brother Mario Balotelli, who has a message for him from his mother. In addition to Mario, there is also his girlfriend Giorgia and another friend who want to greet and encourage him.

Dayane Mello – Signorini calls the model into the Mystery Room where he shows her a video to explain to everyone the strong bond she has with her little Sofia from Stefano Sala and then makes her find a gift from the child, a drawing made for her.

Nominations and “punishments” – Alfonso summons all the tenants in Super Led and has them line up, then entrusts Maria Teresa and Stefania with the task of saving one of the competitors from something unpleasant. Both decide to save Thomas. Even Tommaso Signorini gives the task of choosing someone he wants to avoid trouble and he chooses Matilde and so on in sequence, whoever is saved must save someone else. Matilde chooses Andrea and then Elisabetta, Patrizia, Enock, Pierpaolo, Francesco, Dayane and Adua are chosen as a chain. Massimiliano and Guenda remain unsaved.
Before explaining what will happen to them Signorini welcomes Myriam Catania, third eliminated, in the studio.
At this point Signorini tells Massimiliano and Guenda that they are going to stay in the cucurio and that in turn they must choose someone with whom they want to go there. Guenda chooses Gregoraci and Massimiliano chooses Adua.

Result of the televoting flash – The public chose 5 Immune VIPs: Massimiliano, Maria Teresa, Pierpaolo, Andrea and Tommaso.

The appointment – The VIPs in the Cucurio name in the Confessional and in secret. Gregoraci appoints Guenda, Massimilino appoints Stefania, Guenda appoints Matilde and Adua appoints Stefania
In the House instead some will make the nomination in Confessionle and in secret, some will make it clear. But first Signorini shows a kiss, the one between Dayane Mello and Adua Del Vesco, between which a special friendship was born.
The House nominations see Guenda as the most nominated, as many as 7 people chose her. Then Stefania and Matilde both chosen by two people.
Tommaso Zorzi appoints Matilde Brandi. Francesco chooses Guenda. Patrizia, Stefania. Matilde appoints Guenda. Maria Teresa, Francesco. Pierpaolo chooses Guenda. Andrea, Guenda. Dayane, Guenda. Stefania appoints Enock and Enock Guenda.
Signorini opens televoting among the three most nominated: who to save between Guenda, Matilde and Stefania? The least voted in the next episode on Friday will go directly to the nomination.


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