“Big Brother Vip”, between Elisabetta Gregoraci and Pierpaolo Pretelli the game of seduction continues

In the garden with the other roommates, Elisabetta and Pierpaolo enjoy an evening to the rhythm of music. They take turns singing big hits, while the others go wild in the dance. Gregoraci and Pretelli, together with Francesco Oppini, are produced in a version of “Sally” by Vasco Rossi. When it’s their turn to dance, the model squeezes the host in a slow, but contact is short-lived. After a few moments she walks away laughing and exclaims: “Calm down, stay calm”.

Later Pierpalo dedicated all his performances to the embarrassed, but also a little flattered, Elisabetta. She accepts the songs but still escapes hugs, demanding to stop politely. But then he lets himself go and melts into a duet with Pierpaolo: looking into each other’s eyes from a distance they sing “E tu” by Claudio Baglioni.

Despite the reluctance of Grecoraci, Pretelli does not give up the game of seduction. Will he be able to establish himself in the heart of his beloved?

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