“Big Brother”: shock and tears at Corona-News – TV

The residents of the “Big Brother” house knew nothing about the corona pandemic. In 10 minutes she shocked Sat.1 with reality – only jade was not an issue.

Imagine you wake up and it’s Corona. The participants of “Big Brother” quickly realized on Tuesday that some things were not at all right when moderator Jochen Schropp entered the “Big Brother” house with a doctor. The two sat down behind a glass pane and let the bomb explode: A virus that many inmates had never heard of has spread worldwide, most countries have closed the borders, and public life has come to a standstill.

“The situation is serious, but not hopeless”

Sat.1 showed the residents a dramatic film, the “Big Brother” inmates got to see people in masks, they were killed with the development of weeks in a few minutes.

“The situation is serious, but not hopeless,” the doctor assured the shocked residents. Michelle cried out: “My mom is 55 and has COPD”. Rebecca was also close to panic.

“How many deaths are there?”

Then the questions started. “How is it with older people? Are you sitting at home and waiting to see if someone dies or not?” or “How many deaths are there?” asked the concerned candidates. Here the doctor answered rather evasively. “So 20, that varies,” he said.

“Billions in the face”

The team’s insights also overwhelmed what this crisis means for the economy. “It’s a billion dollar thing in the face for small business owners,” comments Rebecca, who works in a bar that is currently closed.

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Schnaps idea from Sat.1: group video messages

Before panic could break out, however, the inmates were given video messages from family and friends. Having Sat.1 gathering the relatives of the candidates into groups was not the best idea the broadcaster could have had. Up to seven people squeezed together for the greeting messages.

Some of the videos finally started crying. There were many tears, especially with Rebecca. “What hurts your families the most is when they see you crying here,” moderator Jochen Schropp tried to calm down with emotional blackmail. The show ended with hugs from the inmates – something that is currently not possible outside the Big Brother house.

Not a word about Jade and her contact with corona patients

What Sat.1 kept silent: Shortly before moving in, resident Jade had contact with someone who is now ill. Coronavirus was detected in “Bachelorette” candidate Rafi Rachek. Jade and he spent time together.

Theoretically, Jade could have been infected and now pass the virus on to their house residents. But Sat.1 didn’t say a word about it.

The TV prisoners could be reassured that they have been in the house for so long and that no one has experienced symptoms.

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