Big bag of money for new homes in Brabant cities

Eindhoven receives a large sum of money from the government to be able to build more homes: 75 million euros for 3160 homes. Over the next three to five years, construction work is to begin in Fellenoord, the center of the city. More than 59 million euros is available for other cities in Brabant.

Eindhoven will also receive 46.5 million euros to tackle the roads in the Brainport region. For example, a lot of money is being invested in a regional cycle path network.

Chip in
Other Brabant cities can also receive millions from the government, as soon as it is stated in black and white that the municipalities themselves also contribute.

This is how much money is available for the cities in Brabant:

  • Breda: Chassékwartier 1,500 homes, 25 million euros.
  • ‘s-Hertogenbosch: East station 1,000 homes, more than 15 million euros. (€15,427,500)
  • Tilburg: Kenniskwartier 1,000 homes, more than 18 million euros. (€18,634,000)

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