Bielsa’s Suggestion So that the Schedule is Not Crowded: Reduce Player Salaries


Marcelo bielsa have a radical way to reduce the number of games each season, namely by cutting the salaries of the players. Lol, how come?

Bielsa is one of the managers Premier League who fell victim to the international break earlier this month. His flagship player, Raphinha, can’t play when Leeds United host Liverpool, Sunday (12/9/2021) tonight WIB tomorrow.

Raphinha is one of eight Brazilian players who have been temporarily banned from playing for his club because he is not allowed to play for the national team. The suspension period lasted five days and an average of two games absent.

Eight Brazilian players including those from Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea could have represented the national team in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, but had to be quarantined for 14 days upon their return to England because they came from red zone countries during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The hectic schedule of international matches also finally made Arsene Wenger throw the idea that the World Cup should be held every two years. This relates to FIFA’s mission to reduce the number of matches per season.

However, Bielsa felt that this method would not be effective. Because the number of matches will remain a lot, the only difference is the allocation of matches.

Therefore, the man from Argentina thinks that reducing player salaries is the best way. With reduced player fees, league operators will automatically reduce the number of matches because players can no longer be required to continue playing.

With a lower salary, the burden on players will be reduced so they can enjoy life more.

“The one who is benefiting from the number of games today is the industry. They don’t care if the players are tired, injured, or playing badly because of too many games,” Bielsa was quoted as saying. France24.

“The best way is to cut the salaries of all players and coaches, so we play less games.”




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