Biedronka stores open on Sundays in the Silesian Voivodeship. Check the list of active Biedronka stores

Biedronka also opens stores on Sundays. See the list of stores where you can shop every trading and non-trading Sunday. The chain of stores has signed an agreement with the company of the State Treasury, Poczta Polska, on the creation of postal outlets in stores. This is sure to please a lot of people as it means the stores will also be open on Sundays. The idea was not welcomed by Law and Justice politicians.

Ladybug open on Sunday

This is good news for all customers of the Biedronka chain and more. For several years now, there has been a discussion about the sense and legitimacy of the Sunday trading ban. Other stores try to “get around” him. One of the popular methods was to register as a post office. In this way, “Żabka” stores have been operating since 2017. The popular Biedronka chain has also joined the post offices. However, in the announcement by Poczta Polska, we read that it is only a strategic step in the development of a state-owned company.

Biedronka stores open on Sunday in the province Silesian


– Poczta Polska already has the largest click & collect network in Poland. Together with our partners, we offer customers over 15,000 collection points, and within two years we want to expand the network to 20,000. Our strategic goal is to become a leader in the courier market, which is developing thanks to online trade. We want to provide e-shop customers with convenient forms of collection, thanks to cooperation with large and well-known retail chains, which undoubtedly include Biedronka stores – says Andrzej Bodziony, Vice President Polish Post.

Where to go shopping on Sunday?

The Biedronka chain announced the location of open stores on Sunday, July 18. Several dozen stores are to remain open all over Poland. Customers will find out about this from messages that are to appear at the entrances to open branches. But Dziennik Zachodni already informs about specific stores:



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