Bidzāns triumphs in the Aloja phase and becomes the complete chief of the LC, Macuks retires – Motoru sports activities –

The prestigious MX2 course turned out to be especially attention-grabbing. It was for comparable races, but for the general standings.

On the very first journey, the initially was Edvard Bidzanthat he remaining Tomu Macuku. Macuks was the absolute leader in advance of the stage, forward of Bidzān by 27 points. Even so, he retired in the next race for specialized causes and this allowed Bidzān to triumph in the phase, as very well as overtaking him in the total standings. Bidzāns conquer Macukas by just one position just before the very last stage LČ, which suggests that the Latvian champion title will be determined in the past stage of the year.

Next location was taken in MX2 opposition Uldis Freiberg, who also concluded second in the past race, but was 38 seconds driving the leader. Meanwhile, the cheapest action of the podium was conquered by a Lithuanian Erland Mackoniswhich is also third in the seasonal standings.

In the meantime they have taken the laurels of victory in the MX1 standings Thomas Shileykaalthough the second remained Carlo Sabulis, who experienced two crashes through the race. Sabulis gained the to start with race, but Šileika gained the 2nd, which authorized him to acquire the stage itself. Meanwhile, bronze Dovidas Karkas in the account.

The MX125 was by far the speediest among the the pilots Jānis Mārtiņš Reišulis, who beat next put by at least 50 % a moment in the two races. Next put was received Thomas Shaicanbut the third is an Estonian Sebastian Leok.

In the meantime, the sidecar course has triumphed Daniela And Bruno Lielbaržu the crew. The brothers have also left the Latvian title guiding Kaspar Stupeliwhich was led by Gert Gordeev. Meanwhile, the 3rd location was won by an Estonian duet Significantly Tanels And Stan Nietso.

There have been intensive and appealing battles in other lessons as well, but there the fight for the titles is not as fierce as in the extra prestigious courses.

The decisive phase of the LČ will choose location in Cēsis on 18 September. Then all new Latvian champions in all competitions will be decided.

Complete race results: Here

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