Biden’s first administration drew criticism from domestic and foreign congressmen

Executive summary:On the 26th, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs severely condemned the U.S. military’s previous attack on multiple targets in eastern Syria, and urged the new U.S. government not to follow the “law of the jungle”.

On the 26th, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs severely condemned the U.S. military’s previous attack on multiple targets in eastern Syria, and urged the new U.S. government not to follow the “law of the jungle”.

This is the first military operation launched by the US military since Joseph Biden took office as US President. Some U.S. congressmen criticized the Biden administration for not obtaining the consent of Congress before sending troops, worrying that doing so would not help the United States to withdraw from the war in the Middle East.

[Syria criticizes the “Law of the Jungle”]

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that Syria condemned the U.S. attack on the Deir ez-Zor region near the border between Syria and Iraq in “the harshest terms.”

The statement said that this is a “bad sign” of the new US government’s policy. “It (Biden’s administration) should abide by international law, not the law of the jungle like the previous administration.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed that on the 25th, two US F-15E fighters dropped 7 missiles on targets in eastern Syria and Iran-backed militia organizations, destroying 9 militia facilities and damaging two others.

The US Department of Defense refused to disclose the number of casualties caused by the attack. The Iraqi Shiite militia armed “Allah Brigade” confirmed that the airstrike caused the death of a militiaman. Medical sources in eastern Syria told Reuters that the attack resulted in at least 17 deaths.

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[Russia and Iraq denounce “illegal aggression”]

According to the US government, the airstrike on the 25th was in response to a previous attack by US and multinational coalition forces in Iraq.

On the 15th of this month, at least three rockets hit an area near a US military base in northern Iraq. A multinational coalition contractor was killed and many people were injured, including US soldiers. The US determined that the attack was carried out by Shia militias backed by Iran. “Allah’s Brigade” insisted that the attack was not launched. The Iranian side has always denied any connection with such incidents.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Said Khatibzad condemned the US air strike on the 26th and determined that it was an “illegal aggression” against Syria, a violation of international law and human rights.

Khatibzad said that this military action will “lead to more military conflicts and instability in this region.”

The Russian government requires the US to “respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity unconditionally.” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov questioned the Biden administration’s policy towards Syria.

The Iraqi military said in a statement that the Iraqi side did not provide the U.S. military with information about the targets of this air strike, and emphasized that it only cooperates with the U.S. military in Iraq in combating the extremist organization “Islamic State.”

[Members of the United States refer to “the teacher is unknown”]

Although the U.S. government considered the airstrike to show “restraint”, many Democratic congressmen to which Biden belongs have criticized it.

US Senators Tim Kane and Chris Murphy said in a joint statement: “Unless there are special circumstances, it is unconstitutional to launch offensive military operations without the permission of Congress.”

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In the eyes of these two people, retaliatory strikes are “unnecessary” to stop the imminent threat. Before launching such actions, the government must obtain authorization from Congress.

Federal Senator Bernie Sanders said that he was very worried about the continued military operations of the United States in the Middle East. “This will keep our country on the road of’endless war’, rather than ending it.”

Original title: Biden’s first administration drew criticism at home and abroad

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