Biden’s budget plan calls for record military spending on China

On Friday, the Biden government released its budget proposal for fiscal year 2022, which begins October 1 of this year. At its center is the call for a record military budget of $ 753 billion. This includes a massive allocation of $ 24.7 billion for the modernization of nuclear weapons; a major expansion of nuclear-capable air and naval forces; and the biggest research and development request ever – $ 112 billion.

This budget proposal is openly directed against China first, then against Russia, Iran and North Korea. As the Biden government and the political and media establishment revive the Wuhan lab’s baseless conspiracy theory of the virus’s origin, in an attempt to create a casus belli for a war with China, the Pentagon’s budget is a stern warning to the American and international working class. American imperialism seeks to extricate itself from its intractable global and internal contradictions by preparing a military conflict against the country it considers its most dangerous rival.

President Joe Biden speaks at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Hampton, Va. On Friday, May 28, 2021 (AP Photo / Patrick Semansky)

Since taking power four months ago, Biden has stepped up the pace of anti-China propaganda and military provocations against Beijing, initiated by the Obama administration and escalated by Trump. He went further than any other president in undermining the “One China” policy and the related policy of “strategic ambiguity” towards Taiwan, inaugurated by Carter in 1978. He started discussions with Taiwan, Japan and South Korea on stationing offensive missiles against mainland China; a move that China has warned would view as an act of war.

The new budget allocates $ 5.4 billion to develop these plans, under the rubric of the “Pacific Deterrence Initiative”.

The Biden government and Democratic Party-aligned media portray this $ 6 trillion budget proposal as a turning point in liberal social reform, with a total discretionary spending increase of $ 1.520 billion for fiscal year 2022 But amid the current pandemic and social devastation afflicting tens of millions of workers, the war budget accounts for nearly half of the increase in spending; and half of that goes to rebuilding a crumbling US infrastructure and returning production of high-tech components essential to a future war against a rising power like China. Real social reforms are at best half-measures that do not call into question the ever-growing fortunes or the economic domination of the financial oligarchs.

The Defense Ministry’s announcement of the new budget is tinged with anti-Chinese militarism. It begins with a statement from Biden’s Secretary of Defense, Retired General Lloyd Austin, who states:

“The budget provides us with the combination of capabilities we need the most. It remains true to our goal of meeting the challenge of the People’s Republic of China; it makes it possible to fight against the harmful effects of climate change on our military installations and to modernize our capacities to face the sophisticated threats of tomorrow ”.

On Thursday, Austin and General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testifying before the Defense Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, made chilling remarks about the need for the United States to ‘improve and modernize their army in order to prepare for war against their “strategic competitors”, primarily China.



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