Biden’By American’… Allies that the US believed in cry

Administrative Order of Priority Purchase of US-made Products and Services by US Extended Government Organizations
“Biden’s efforts to form an alliance and mass alliance front get complicated
“Biden, clear signal to protect US trade interests…Allies criticize protectionism”

It is pointed out that the “Buy American” keynote that the new U.S. President Joe Baid put in place is an extension of the “American priority” pursued by former President Donald Trump.

Some analysts say that the policy to prioritize US trade interests while emphasizing cooperation with allies may cause a stumbling block on the US mass front.

The Washington Post (WP) responded to President Biden’s bi-American executive order on the 25th (local time), “It reflects the shift of consensus in the US politics toward direct intervention by the government to promote US manufacturing in free trade. ”

The media pointed out that the US had suffered a disruption in the medical supply chain such as personal protective equipment last year. Allies are looking at Biden’s bi-American with vigilant eyes. This is due to concerns that the U.S. will continue to prioritize its own interests while hoping to strengthen cooperation with the inauguration of President Biden. It means that the’US government’ should use the money of the’US taxpayer’ to use products made by’American workers and companies.

The WP explained that “the major allies in the United States are opposed to the bi-American push, fearing the loss of lucrative contracts,” said Canadian President Justin Trudeau, who expressed the same concerns in a call with President Biden last week.

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“Aggressive bi-American activities could complicate Biden’s wishes to build alliances and allied fronts to deal with China‘s deepening influence.”

“The Biden administration is sending a clear signal that it will actively protect the US commercial and trade interests,” said Professor Eswar Prasad Cornell University. “It contradicts the hopes of US trade partners for a softer touch to the new US government.” said.

The Financial Times (FT) welcomed the inauguration of Biden by US allies, but assessed that a bi-American move to boost US manufacturing risks creating a strain on the relationship between the US and its major allies.

The media explained that “the US’s largest trading partners and strategic allies, including Canada and several European countries, have long complained that the bi-American measure is a protectionism that blocks multinationals from the US economy.”

It is pointed out that President Biden’s bi-American move is not a return to free trade and investment, but is not different from the protectionism promoted by the former Trump administration with the US priority.

President Biden pledged to pursue this policy closely. He emphasized that “when the former presidents took office, they promised to purchase US-made products and introduce a’by-American’ policy, but this time will be different,” he said. “We will make intensive and coordinated efforts with clear guidelines and explanations.”


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