Biden spoke about the warning to Putin before the war

Biden’s warning to Putin came true

The American president warned the Russian that in the event of an attack on Ukraine, NATO would unite even more.

US President Joe Biden told how, before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he warned President Vladimir Putin about NATO’s reaction in the event of an attack.

“Even before the war started, I told Putin that if he attacked Ukraine, not only would NATO become stronger, we would become even more united, we would defend democracy in the world, we would stand up to oppose aggression and we would defend the rule-based order. This is exactly what we see today,” he said on Thursday, June 30.

The US President summed up the results of the NATO summit in Madrid, noting that he “was about strengthening our alliance to meet the challenges of today’s world and the threats that we will face in the future.”

Biden recalled that the last NATO strategic concept was adopted 12 years ago, in which “Russia was described as a partner, and China was not even mentioned.”

“The world has changed. And NATO is also changing. We invited two new members to join NATO. It was a historic act. Finland and Sweden, with a long tradition of neutrality, chose to join NATO … An attack on one of us will be an attack on all, and we will protect everyone centimeter of NATO territory… This is all our response to Russian aggression and to help Ukraine defend itself,” the US President said.

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