Biden says the US has been hurt by the spread of conspiracy theories

Biden recalled how the leaders of the countries he spoke to at the June G7 summit were incredulous when he tried to tell them that “America is back.”

He also advocated the continuation of the investigation into the storming of the Capitol, which took place on 6 January. The President mentioned the QAnon movement, whose members were among those who attacked Congress.

“We have to go beyond the idea that Democrats and Biden are hiding people and sucking the blood of children,” he said.

The US President urged to fight not only conspiracy theory, but disinformation about the coronavirus.

He noted that the White House is working to combat misinformation about vaccines that is spreading through social networks and the media.

“You have to literally listen to the scientists and not interfere. Don’t rush anything. Let the scientists take action,” Biden said.

Biden also explained how the White House is using “every means possible, public, private, governmental and non-governmental, to try to uncover the facts about the coronavirus and vaccines as they really are.”



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