Biden rating updated anti-record –

US President Joe Biden

38% of Americans assess the work of the American leader positively, 53% negatively.

The approval rating for US President Joe Biden fell to 38% and became the lowest since the head of the White House in office. Such data on Wednesday, October 6, made public Usa Today, citing a survey conducted by the University of Quinnipeck.

According to the results of the study, 38% of Americans assess Biden’s work positively, 53% negatively. The publication reminds that three weeks ago these figures were 42% and 50%, respectively.

New data show that 94% of the Republicans polled do not approve of the American leader’s policies, while among Democrats only 10%. As for the residents of the country who do not consider themselves to be among the above-mentioned political forces, among them 60% assess the efforts of the head of the White House negatively and only 32% positively.

In addition, 67% of respondents are not satisfied with the president’s actions on the issue of migrants on the southern border of the United States, 23% responded positively about them.

Afghanistan remains a problem for Biden. Only 28% of respondents supported the White House’s course in this direction, 50% believe that the United States should have left certain forces in the country to support it, 15% – that the military should not have been withdrawn at all. 72% of Americans are dissatisfied with the state of the economy to one degree or another.

As noted, 1,326 US residents across the country took part in the survey. It took place from October 1 to October 4, the statistical error is 2.7%.

Recall in August Biden’s rating collapsed due to the withdrawal of the American military from Afghanistan and the seizure of the republic by the Taliban.

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