Biden ordered the first attack on Syria. Iranian militias killed 1 dead

The Pentagon stated that The latest attacks are in response to attacks on US officials. And allied nations in Iraq And this action sends a clear message “President Biden will move. To protect Americans and allied staff At the same time We will move carefully It aims to ease tensions as a whole, including in eastern Syria and Iraq. ”

Syria’s foreign ministry released a statement condemning the US’s action. “Syria strongly condemns the US’s cowardly attacks. In the area of ​​Deer al-Zor near the Syrian-Iraqi border. ”“ The US government Should follow international law strictly Not a law, the stronger is the savior. Like the previous government “

However, in the past several months US military bases and buildings In Iraq it is an increasingly targeted attack. Including at US military bases In the northern city of Erbil, which killed a US civilian contractor in the middle of the month. Anonymous militants in Iraq claimed to be behind them. But Western officials said It is the frontline of the Iranian-backed force of Khataib Hezbollah.

Biden ordered the attack only in Syria. To give the Iraqi government a breathing space to investigate the attacks on Erbil. While the Katai Bhezballah insisted they were not involved in the attack on US interests. In the past The Iranian government has denied involvement in the attacks on US military bases.

Origin: reuters , bbc


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