Biden joins Brexit discussion about controversial law: ‘Then no trade deal’

The fact that Johnson is trying to backtrack from earlier agreements has led to great concern among the discussion partners in Brussels about the chances of a new trade agreement. And now, even with the American presidential candidate, things are completely wrong, “said De Wit.

The British would like a trade deal with the US. Biden’s statements therefore hit hard behind the scenes in Downing Street. “They shouldn’t have the Biden camp really going to say: we don’t want a trade deal with you anymore. But as long as that law is in circulation, Biden will not just shy away.”

The American presidential candidate has Irish roots, so this dossier is close to his heart, De Wit knows. Should Biden become president, it will be a difficult file for the British government. “Especially if they go ahead with the law, which is currently being discussed in the House of Commons.” It will probably become clear in the coming weeks whether the law will actually be introduced.

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