Biden in Arizona to promote his semiconductor policy

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Massive new investments in semiconductors in the United States. The American president wants to relocate the production of electronic chips within the borders of the country. This Tuesday, December 7, Joe Biden was in Arizona to show the effects of his policy.

With our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin

At least once a week, Joe Biden travels the country to advertise his infrastructure investment plan and more generally his economic policy. Only in Phoenix he had more than language to share.

At a factory nearing completion, he was with a slew of bosses, including the owner of the premises, a Taiwanese semiconductor giant.

TSMC will more than triple its initial investment to produce the chips on site, of which Apple is a very important customer. The head of the apple company, Tim Cook, was also there to listen to Joe Biden.

These are the most advanced chips on the planet. They will equip iPhones and MacBooks, as Tim Cook can attest. Apple has had to bring chips in from overseas and now much of the supply chain is coming here. This can be a game changer. All told, TSMC is investing $40 billion here in Arizona. The largest foreign investment in the state’s history. More than 10,000 construction and 10,000 high-tech jobs will be created.

For this, the manufacturer will also benefit from the chip and science law, passed with the support of elected officials from both parties. A bipartisan spirit welcomed by Joe Biden, who has not failed to underline the recent Democratic victories in Arizona in the midterm elections.

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