Biden decided to introduce mandatory wearing of medical masks in the USA :: Society :: RBC

Biden’s adviser said that the president-elect will call the governors with the appropriate requirements. In case of refusal, Biden will put pressure on city mayors

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US President-elect Joe Biden will begin calling governors of all states in the coming days to urge them to enact mandatory mask wearing as the COVID-19 pandemic enters a potentially more deadly phase with the onset of winter. Biden’s senior advisor stated this, transfers NBC News.

He said governors who resist the new president’s pleas will see Biden pressurize city mayors to enact local mandates, potentially setting him up for confrontation with Republican governors.

The media learned about Biden’s plans to cancel Trump’s decrees immediately after the inauguration

Photo: Jim Bourg / Reuters

“If the governor refuses, he will go to the mayors in the states and ask them to introduce [обязательное ношение масок]… In many states, mayors can establish mandates, ”the adviser said.

Biden’s team, according to NBC News, is also considering imposing a requirement to wear masks in federal institutions – a step that the administration of incumbent President Donald Trump did not take even after the head of state himself and a number of his senior officials and aides, including Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, have contracted the coronavirus.


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