Biden confirms radical break with Trump policy: “America is back, ready to take on a leading role in the world again”

Biden chose many women and experience. For the first time there is someone specifically responsible for climate affairs, old acquaintance John Kerry, and there are more firsts: one latino (someone with a South American background) in charge of Homeland Security and a woman in charge of the intelligence services. There will soon be another first with women in Finance and Defense (see below).

Summary: These are the six who attended today in Delaware and are already official. What did Joe Biden say about them?

  • Anthony Blinken (Foreign Affairs). An experienced diplomat. Joe Biden stressed, “He will be there from day 1”.
  • Alejandro Mayorkas (Homeland Security). He himself fled Cuba with his parents, and will now have a migrant issue on his plate. “This is one of the most difficult portfolios,” admitted Biden, “but it will straighten out our malfunctioning migration system.”
  • April Haines becomes competent for intelligence services such as the CIA. “A professional”, Biden calls her. To her, the truth is sacred, he added.
  • Linda Thomas-Greenfield becomes US Ambassador to the United Nations. “A seasoned diplomat who treats everyone with dignity and respect.”
  • Jake Sullivan becomes National Security Advisor in the White House. He is a close associate of Biden, who advised him during the presidential race, among other things.
  • John Kerry will be ‘Special Presidential Envoy for the Climate’. He was one of the architects of the Paris climate agreement. Biden stressed that the whole world must work together in this area to tackle the climate crisis.

Photo below (clockwise, starting at the top left: Thomas-Greenfield, Yellen, Haines, Kerry, Blinken and Mayorkas).

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