Biden appears to be addressing the MP who died during the speech

Jackie Walorski, an elected Republican of Indiana, died in a car accident in early August.

US President Joe Biden appeared in a speech this Wednesday, September 28, to the late Republican MP, former House of Representatives member Jackie Walorski.

Where is Jackie?the 79-year-old Democrat asked himself during a speech dedicated to the fight against obesity and food insecurity.

I want to thank everyone who is hereJoe Biden said, citing two other MPs particularly involved in these issues, a Republican and a Democrat, before asking this question. Jackie Walorski, an elected Republican from Indiana who died in a car accident in early August, was very busy fighting malnutrition.

He actively contributed to the preparation of a major summit dedicated to this issue, during which Joe Biden spoke on Wednesday. The White House had released a statement after his death in which the US president stated “upset and grieved“.

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