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“Gun violence takes life and leaves behind trauma in local communities every single day in this country”, writes Det kvite hus in a press release related to Biden’s announcement.

In March it became 10 people killed when a gunman opened fire on a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. It was then the second mass shooting in the United States in one week. In Atlanta Eight people were killed on March 17.

Already in February bad President Congress to begin work on a reform of the gun laws in the United States, with Biden will not wait for Congress to take its own steps.

Harris: – What are we waiting for?

– I have seen gun violence up close, said Vice President Kamala Harris when she hired the press conference.

– I have seen what a bullet can do to the human body. I have to hold the hands of parents who have lost their child. I have seen children who are traumatized by the loss of parents or siblings, she continued.

Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris.

Photo: Cliff Hawkins / AFP

Harris says that throughout her career she has fought to end this election.

– We have all asked: What are we waiting for ?, she said.

Ho meiner folket i USA insskjer handlingar.

– What it says is the will and courage to take action. And President Biden has the will and courage to act, she said.

Biden: – Violence is an epidemic

– Gun violence in this country is an epidemic, and it is an international blunder, Biden said when he took over the podium.

The president said that 316 people will be shot in the country, every single day. 106 of them die.

The flag was hoisted at half-staff after the eight in Georgia, when 10 new human lives were taken in Colorado, he said.

– It is enough. The epidemic must be stopped.

He announced six measures against the use of force.

  • The Ministry of Justice will within 30 days present a rule of stopping the spread of so-called “ghost weapons”. These are “home-made” firearms that can not be traced due to lack of serial number.
  • The Ministry of Justice will within 60 days present restrictions on weapons with armrests, something that can make a firearm more stable and accurate.
  • The Ministry of Justice will within 60 days publish a model against “red flag laws”. These are laws that allow the police or a family member to request a court order that prevents people in crisis from gaining access to firearms if they pose a danger to themselves or others,
  • The administration will introduce strategies to reduce gun violence in urban communities through tools other than imprisonment.
  • The Ministry of Justice will print an annual report on trade in firearms.
  • The president will nominate David Chipman as director of The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. ATF enforces gun laws in the United States. – And you need a director to do the job to the best of your ability. But ATF has not had a director since 2015, says Biden.
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