Bicycle theft: Felix convicts the bicycle mafia and leads the police to the thieves’ camp | Regional

Hamburg – Around 40 bicycles are stolen every day in Hamburg, last year there were 14,577. One of the latest victims is Felix and he is 38 years old.

But this story ends well…

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This huge amount of stolen bikes was secured

Photo: Marco Zitzow

A few days ago, the marketing consultant cycled to friends and locked up the 800-euro bike at the Eimsbüttel market. But when Felix wants to go home at 11 p.m., the “Raymon” bike is gone, the thieves have picked the lock, which costs 80 euros.

What they don’t know: The owner has also secured the bike with high-tech: A tracking device from Apple (“AirTag”) is hidden on the frame.

Felix was able to locate his bike with his mobile phone

Felix was able to locate his bike with his mobile phone

Photo: Marco Zitzow

The robber drove to the police station on Notkestrasse in a StadtRad, and the officers from the “Bicycle Investigation Group”, which was founded in 2016, reacted immediately.

According to the location, the stolen bike is now on the flea market area at the Bahrenfeld harness racing track. Patrol cars race there, find a total of three vans and two suspects. The officers discovered more than 50 stolen bikes in the vehicles – all dismantled into individual parts for transport.

Felix gets his bike back, the suspected stolen Lithuanians get a criminal complaint.


How an AirTag works

This tiny gadget put bike thieves on the trail

This tiny gadget put bike thieves on the trail

Photo: PR

Felix H. was able to save his bike from the bike mafia thanks to an electrical part costing around 2 euros.

He concealed his “AirTag” (Apple gadget) with adhesive tape on his bike lock bracket. The “tracking transmitter” (35 euros, waterproof) works with a Bluetooth signal that devices can detect via the app (“Where is?”) when they are nearby.

These devices forward the location of the “AirTag” and the owner can locate it.

The “AirTag” was hidden on the bracket on his lock

Photo: Marco Zitzow

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