Bicycle industry and car companies go together: Belga brothers sell business to mega-dealer Broekhuis

Bicycle and car companies are merging
The bicycle market is dynamic, with car companies taking over one bicycle company after another as a wealthy party. Lured by the attractive earnings in the bicycle industry, while the profits of the car companies themselves are under pressure.
Largest bicycle manufacturer in the world
After the purchase of a series of bicycle factories, car importer Pon in Amersfoort can call itself the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world, larger than the previous number one, the Taiwanese Giant. In 2012, Pon bought Gazelle and in the following years Dutch, German and American companies were added.
Dealer-level integration
More at the dealer level, bicycle and car companies are working on integration. Broekhuis bought a bicycle shop in North Holland earlier this year and is looking to expand further with bicycle dealers. Another renowned bicycle shop in the region has announced that it is in talks with a car dealer in Groningen. Because the signatures have not yet been placed, the owners of the cases do not want to say anything about it yet.

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