Bibi Breijman receives a special gift from Waylon and daughter


“Oh my god, what a surprise,” Bibi writes with the sweet video where she receives a present from Waylon and Teddy. The father-daughter duo went hunting for the most perfect present for the birthday job. In addition, the little girl would have specially chosen which it was going to be. “Oh, a heart. How sweet!” said an emotional Bibi. “How beautiful you have selected that for Mommy,” she compliments her daughter. It turns out to be a special chain.

But it doesn’t stop there. “Another present?” Bibi asks, shocked, before Teddy hands her the next present. “It’s beautiful,” says the ring influencer who suddenly gets her. “It is really beautiful.” Friend Waylon thought she “should have one of those.” Bibi’s followers can’t get enough. ‘It’s super nice to see you so happy’, ‘Sweet’ and ‘Beautiful gifts’ it sounds in the comments.

Bibi is often flooded with love by her boyfriend. Waylon recently wrote a song for his sweetheart, as shown in the video below.

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