Biathlon World Cup 2023 Oberhof: Everything about the schedule, tickets, how to get there and the medal table

I still get it Tickets for the World Cup?

The easiest way to get tickets is through the website of the two organizers – both offer different tickets. All tickets purchased in advance entitle you to free arrival and departure by public transport (see above). By the beginning of February, a good 150,000 tickets for the Biathlon World Cup had been sold. According to the organizer, there are almost no tickets left for the main competition days at the weekend.

However, tickets for the other days of the competition and also for training from Monday to Thursday are still available. Visitors can also buy tickets on site at the Oberhof tourist information – but then they do not benefit from the included public transport ticket on arrival.

How are they Wetterviews in Oberhof?

The organizers of the Biathlon World Cup are not worried about the rising temperatures. According to the forecasts, it should be up to nine degrees during the day in the middle of the week, “but we are approaching the zero degree mark at night and then we will definitely have frost in the snow,” said organization chief Thomas Grellmann.

The snow depth on the routes in the Thuringian Forest varies, but is at least 50 to 60 centimeters. During the first few days of the World Cup, temperatures dropped to as low as minus nine degrees at night. In addition, since then there has been neither warm wind nor precipitation at plus degrees. If it gets warmer now, the snow on the surface could become much softer. “It’s a problem for the growers and also for the run that it gets a little deeper,” said Grellmann. But ski technicians and athletes would be fine with that, as these are not uncommon conditions.

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Which biathletes start for Deutschland?

308 athletes are registered, including 164 men male and 14 female athletes from 37 nations. The German Ski Association (DSV) has nominated the women for:

Franziska Preuß had to end her season prematurely due to health setbacks, and the experienced Vanessa Hinz is also missing after a few problems.

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