Biasin: “Juventus-Napoli, trust Naples: Gattuso had already made his decision”

Fabrizio Biasin, journalist of the Libero newspaper, in his editorial returned to talk about the Juventus-Naples case.

The newspaper reporter Free, Fabrizio Biasin, published an article on Here is what we read: “Two quick things about Milan suggested by my friend Carlo Pellegatti. My friend Carlo Pellegatti informs me that the Devil is still very interested in Simakan from Strasbourg, defender who was skipped last week due to lack of alternatives from the French club (they didn’t know who to replace him with ). In attack, watch out for the “return horse” Jorgen Larsen of Groningen, a giant of 193 centimeters, born in 2000, Norwegian, already in the Rossoneri youth teams a couple of seasons ago. The Devil’s “Scandinavianization” process could continue … ” .

Fabrizio Biasin, in his editorial, also spoke about the case Juventus-Naples. The Neapolitans, as is well known, did not leave for Turin to face the Bianconeri. Here is what we read: “Mister Gennaro Gattuso would have liked to play a lot Juve-Napoli. You can only trust. Trust me. This does not mean anything in terms of the” decision of the sports judge “, but on the fact that the Napoli coach would never have given up those 90 minutes, even without two owners, you can rest assured “.

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