BI interest is already 3.75%, KPR is still suffocating


The mortgage interest rate (KPR) is said to be too high. This happened because banks found it difficult to keep up with the decline in the Bank Indonesia (BI) benchmark interest rate that had taken place since mid last year.

Economists assess that currently banks have received a large margin from loan interest, especially mortgages. Therefore the interest must be lowered.

INDEF researcher Bhima Yudhistira Adhinegara revealed that the reduction in KPR interest was already urgent when the reference rate was getting lower.

“Moreover, the floating rate (KPR) can be 12%. If we look at the decline in BI’s benchmark interest rate since last year. Ideally the mortgage interest rate could drop to 100 bps or 1%,” he said when contacted. detikcom, Saturday (11/21/2020).

He said the government should be able to pay attention to this by assigning state-owned banks to lower mortgage interest rates. This is intended to direct the non-subsidized KPR interest in the market. “This can encourage other banks to lower,” he explained.

According to Bhima, this can be done because the cost of funds has also decreased. So there is no longer any reason for banks to delay the reduction in mortgage interest.

Lower interest rates can also encourage property recovery and encourage employment.

“So this should have been done. Their KPR margin interest is already too large for the NIM (net interest margin) and getting here, the NIM should be cut starting from state-owned banks,” he explained.

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