BG doctor with shocking revelations about his colleagues

On paper, many hospital directors and heads of departments/clinics earn salaries that are not gigantic, even quite reasonable. The key is in the so-called DMS – additional material incentive, through which bonuses are distributed from the earned in the clinics.

This was commented on Facebook by Dr. Asparuh Iliev, head of a laboratory in Bern, Switzerland and an expert on vaccine safety. Here’s what else he says:

There are managers who take hundreds of thousands of BGN per month, and young doctors, nurses and staff – a maximum of 1000-1500. One of the “genius” workers who “operated” on 5 patients in 3 cities at the same time claimed that “a month with less than 100,000 euros is a black month”.

There you are looking for one of the problems with doctors’ salaries. The absurdity is that it is these “multi-thousandaires” who mainly cry on the media about how there are no doctors, because the young colleagues have learned and do not want to be slaves to them.

Postscript: of course a bonus should be received for more professional work. But for one to take tens of thousands and another 200 BGN is simply disproportionate.

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