Beyond Good & Evil 2 won’t be out until ‘a couple of years’, game lacks ‘clear creative direction’ – Industry on DTF

Apparently, after the departure of Michel Ansel, the development was restarted.

Information about how the production of BG&E 2 is going with a journalist and a blogger shared several sources who participated in testing the game. They also sent Henderson screenshots and footage of the gameplay, but on the condition that he would not publish them.

The blogger claims that in the videos he received, the game does not look as good as in the gameplay, which showed at E3 2018. In this regard, he believes that at some stage after that – perhaps after care game director Michel Ancel in 2020 – they decided to restart production.

Henderson’s sources said the sequel to Beyond Good & Evil lacks a “clear creative direction” and Ubisoft still has a lot of work to do. According to one of them, during the game, he “didn’t understand what he was doing at all.”

The journalist himself agreed that, judging by the gameplay from testing, the release of the game is hardly worth waiting for “in the next couple of years” – that is, at least until 2024. The fact that after the restart of production BG & E 2 has not yet reached the final stages of development, says and replenishment team lead writer in early August.

Ubisoft has not shared any specific official information about Beyond Good & Evil 2 for several years, and it has been in production since at least 2013. However, the company mentions game in their financial statements and, apparently, there is no talk of cancellation yet.

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