Beyond a Mere Carnival: A Music Festival, A Dream Horse, A Technological Extravaganza, and a Sky Thick with Fireworks.

Original title: The fireworks are thick, this is more than just a carnival of running

The smoke is thick, this is not just a carnival of running

Zhejiang Provincial News (Reporter Yang Yang Chen Ming) Compared with previous years, this year’s Dream Horse “Ecology+” has been upgraded again, and music festival activities such as “Dream Horse·ZAO Dream Season” and “Dream Horse·Joint Orange Dream Sound” have been launched.

The night before yesterday, on the lawn on the east side of the Academic Exchange Center of the Future Science and Technology City, the lights and the night complement each other. The sound and light make the stage warm and dreamlike. Music lovers from all over the country gather together to experience the colorful world of sound waves , sharing a gluttonous music feast.

During the two-day music festival, well-known musicians such as Wu Kequn, Guo Ding, and David Shu, as well as bands such as Lu Xiansen, Fine Orchestra, Low Absinthe, Spinning Bowling, and Field Cooperative, appeared on the stage successively, and they were excited amidst the cheers of the audience. Sing, bringing multiple music performances to music fans and audiences.

The music festival also has a special food area, a creative market area, and a container market area. The special food full of smoke and fire, black technology interactive experience, trendy play of Internet celebrity brands, etc., let the audience enjoy the hearty rhythm of the music. Can have a carnival on the tip of the tongue. This music festival, which combines music, sports, numbers, creativity and other elements, let Yang, a master student from Peking University who has just joined a company in the future science and technology city, unlock a new way to play in Yuhang, “Great, very hilarious, super happy!”

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The reporter learned that a few days before the music festival, the bookings of some hotels around the venue where the event was held rose by 86%. “The popularity is very high, and most of them are attracted by the music festival.” A person in charge of a homestay said.

The Dream Horse of Zhejiang Province is not only a carnival of running, but also drives citizens to enjoy an open carnival of “ZAO Dream Yuhang Celebrates the Asian Games” that lasts for more than two months, breaking through the traditional indoor carnival exhibition format and expanding the field of vision to a larger space , around the three major themes of “technology, sports, and consumption”, let runners run happily, have fun, and fully experience the fireworks of YuhangReturn to Sohu to see more


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