Beware, your mobile is being watched .. if you have this sign, someone is spying on you

Many stories spread about people whose cell phone was hacked or discovered that someone was spying on them through Piracy e.

And a state of panic spread because of these stories not only in the Arab countries, but also in the whole world, especially those who own an iPhone.

For the first time, Apple issued an important statement revealing how to know if a person has fallen victim to operations Espionage or not, And whether someone is eavesdropping on them and listening to what they say and recording what is happening with the camera or not.

And the latest update put forth by “Apple” for “iPhone” phones, in which it added a new “warning point” that alerts the user whenever the microphone or camera is activated by him or by anyone spying on it.

You will see a point Green In the upper right corner of the screen when the cameras are activated, if the microphone is activated it will be the color of the dot orange.

By swiping to your Control Center, you will be able to see details about the app that is using the microphone, depending on what information is available on the updated operating system.

Thus, if someone is spying on your phone and listening to your call and what you say in your daily life, you will know about it.

In the event that something is suspected, the user must check the application’s permissions in the settings, as the user can deny access to certain applications to the microphone or camera, and any application that the user suspects or causes concern can be deleted.

Spy with the microphone
Spy with the microphone

Spy with the cameraSpy with the camera
Spy with the camera
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