Beware the Risk of Kidney Disease Increases As You Get Old – along getting older a person is more at risk of experiencing various diseases kidney which cannot be ignored.

Collect National Kidney Foundation, Kidney illness can be experienced by anyone at any time, but is most at risk at the age of 60 years and over.

According to the latest estimates from researchers at Johns Hopkins University, more than 50 percent of elderly people over the age of 75 are believed to have kidney disease.

Kidney illness also found to be more common in those over the age of 60, compared to the rest of the general population.

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“Many people don’t realize that, as we get older, we lose kidney function,” says Beth Piraino, President of the National Kidney Foundation.

It is important to know that the kidneys have the following functions:

Kidney stone disease is often found in adults. However, can children get kidney stones?

  • Removes waste products from the body
  • Remove drugs from the body
  • Balance body fluids
  • Releases hormones that regulate blood pressure
  • Produces the active form of vitamin D that promotes strong and healthy bones
  • Controls the production of red blood cells.

“Kidney damage can manifest as decreased renal filtration or protein in the urine,” says Morgan Grams of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Medicine.

Collect Medline PlusKidney changes that occur with age and lead to kidney disease include:

  • Decreased amount of kidney tissue
  • The number of filtration units (nephrons) is reduced. Nephrons filter waste materials from the blood.
  • The blood vessels that supply the kidneys can harden. This causes the kidneys to filter blood more slowly.

In healthy older people, kidney function declines very slowly. Diseases, medications, and other conditions can significantly decrease kidney function.

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Kinds of kidney disease

Collect Better Healthyou have a higher risk of kidney disease as you get older, which includes:

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