Beware of opening this new WhatsApp message that is fooling everyone

Beware of opening this new WhatsApp message that is fooling everyone. In recent years, our way of communicating has undergone important changes. In just over a decade, the technological possibilities at our disposal have increased enormously. In fact, today it is possible to communicate completely free of charge with any person, anywhere in the world. Having one available smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection in fact, we will have no limits either in terms of time or money.

Many users, many dangers

In this incredible evolution of communication, a very important role is undoubtedly played by applications. In fact, since they were available, apps have revolutionized the world of electronics. In the field of instant messaging, the most important is known as WhatsApp. This application is downloaded every day by thousands of users, and is currently the most used in the European continent.

There are many reasons why this app is so popular. From the many updates that are introduced each year to the simplicity of learning how to use it, the list is long. It is also true, however, that given the large amount of users on WhatsApp, it is important to always keep your guard up. Being very famous and used, the app is in fact seen by many scammers as an excellent way to lure possible victims. In this regard, in this article we reveal why it is necessary to be careful to open this new WhatsApp message that is deceiving everyone.

The questionnaire scam

There are many deceptions that we can find on the application. One of the last concerns the possibility of earning one hundred euros to be used as good for a clothing store. The message asks us to open the link and complete a questionnaire that presents questions about our tastes related to clothes and accessories. Once completed, we are asked to forward it to fifteen numbers in our address book. After submitting the link, a page full of advertising spam will appear. Trying to close these advertisements we will unknowingly activate viruses that can drain telephone credit, and more.

Having also forwarded the virus to contacts in our address book, we will continue this chain by deceiving our friends as well. To avoid being scammed it is important not to open messages of numbers that we have not saved in the address book. It is also good to remember that no shop gives such high discount coupons in exchange for filling out a questionnaire. So that’s why you have to be careful to open this new WhatsApp message that is deceiving everyone.

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