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JAKARTA, – Offer activity online loans ( pinjol) by financial technology companies or fintech illegal activities are again on the rise, along with the increasing need for funds by the community.

In fact, people often receive online loan offers via short messages or SMS.

In response to that, the General Chair of the Association Fintech Indonesian Joint Funding (AFPI) Adrian Gunadi said in the digital era, online loan offers via SMS are increasingly prevalent, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

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It is certain that the offer via SMS is from the perpetrator fintech ilegal who are not registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

“Illegal fintech actors are targeting people who are currently experiencing economic difficulties and need money due to the pandemic to meet basic or consumptive needs. Even though this illegal fintech loan is very detrimental to the community because it charges high interest, the loan period is short and they always ask to access all contact data on their cellphones. This is very dangerous, because this data can be disseminated and used to intimidate when collecting, “he said, quoting a press release, Wednesday (23/9/2020).

He also asked the whole community to remain vigilant and not to be easily tempted.

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Actually, said Adrian, fintech peer to peer lending those already registered with the OJK are prohibited from offering products or promotions via SMS short messages.

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This, he said, has been regulated in OJK Regulation number 07/2013 concerning Consumer Protection in the Financial Services Sector.

In the regulation mentioned in article 19, it is stated that Financial Services Business Actors are prohibited from offering products and / or services to consumers and / or the public through personal personal communication (e-mail, SMS, and voice mail) without consumer consent.

Every organizer fintech lending AFPI members in every offer or promotion are required to include or mention the name and logo of the organizer as well as a registered statement with the OJK. This is regulated in Article 35 of OJK Regulation No.77 / 2016.

In fact, Article 48 states that the organizer (fintech lending) must be registered as a member of the association appointed by the OJK, namely AFPI.

“In addition, in the process of lending, OJK registered fintech lending is also supported by loan insurance and uses a proven credit scoring system, such as Pefindo, to analyze and verify loans,” said Adrian.

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Based on data from the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI), the total number of illegal peer to peer lending fintechs that have been handled by SWI from 2018 to June 2020 is 2,591 entities.

In June 2020 alone, SWI found 105 illegal P2P lending fintechs that offered loans to the public through applications and SMS short messages on cellphones.

For this reason, he continued, in order to ensure the status of the permit for offering financial services products that were received, the public could contact OJK Contact 157 via telephone number 157 or whatsapp service 081 157 157 157 or e-mail [email protected] and waspadainvest @ ojk. or you can also visit the official OJK website.

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