Beware of foods that spoil even the healthiest of diets

The Mediterranean diet is among the best for keeping fit and healthy. Italian cuisine generally adheres to the principles of this lifestyle. In fact, it includes many vegetables, fruit and cereals, extra virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs, fish …

Italians are therefore convinced that they know this nutritional model well. But is it really so? In fact, in addition to knowing what to eat, it is important to identify the ingredients to banish. A recent study reveals: beware of foods that spoil even the healthiest of diets.

Following the Mediterranean diet keeps the brain young

Adhering to the Mediterranean diet has been shown to have positive health effects. But what happens when you go wrong and include some unhealthy meals?

A group of researchers from Rush University Medical Center asked. THE results of the recent survey are available in the scientific journal “Alzheimer’s & Dementia”. In particular, the scientists focused on brain health. In fact, one of the main advantages of the Mediterranean diet is to slow down the aging of this organ.

Those who eat healthy preserve their memory and the ability to reason longer.

Experts have studied the health of those who eat mainly these foods: fruits, vegetables, legumes, olive oil, fish, potatoes, whole grains and wine (in moderation). They then compared the results with those of those who include some unhealthy ingredients.

And they have launched an alarm bell for those who fail: beware of foods that ruin even the healthiest of diets.

Including these foods cancels the positive effects of the Mediterranean diet

According to the scientific study, some foods negate the effects of the Mediterranean diet. Consumers’ brains often age faster. Here are what foods it is:

a) frying;

b) refined cereals;

c) sweets;

d) red meat;

e) processed meats;

f) fatty dairy products.

According to Dr Puja Agarwal, author of the study, the brains of those who avoid these foods are up to 5.8 years younger. So be careful to carefully choose the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.

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(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted who”)

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