Beware of Fake Olshop Scams on Instagram, Here Are Tips to Avoid It


Scams on Instagram have recently become more widespread and slick, it’s hard to tell the difference between real and fake Olshops. Photo: ist

JAKARTA – Scam under the guise of online shop (olshop) rampant on social media Instagram . With the lure of low prices, they continue to try to capture many victims.

Given that it is difficult to distinguish which olshops are genuine and which are fake, every day there are bound to be people who are deceived when shopping through the Instagram platform. Not a few of them who lost in large numbers.

The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) reminded the public to be more vigilant. Through my Instagram, Kominfo shares tips on avoiding fake olshops.

The following are the tips, as reported by the Kominfo Instagram account, Sunday (3/7):

1. Check the comments column. If the comment field is disabled, it means that something is being covered up by the account.

2. Check account information. You can visit the olshop account profile > click “About Account” or “About This Account” > Select “Previous Name” or “Former Usernames”. If the olshop account changes its name frequently, it must be suspected.

3. Don’t be tempted by unreasonable low prices. It could be that the goods sold are ‘unseen’, aka deception.

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4. Check followers. An olshop account with many followers is not a guarantee that the account is genuine. It could be that many of his followers are fake. So think before buying.

Those are some tips to avoid being scammed under the guise of an olshop account. May be useful.


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