Beware Lisandro Martinez, These Bombers Will Aim You!


Debut Lisandro Martinez from Manchester United ended in defeat. The 24-year-old defender was warned that there were still many things waiting for him.

Martinez made his competitive debut with Manchester United when they lost to Brighton & Hove Albion on Sunday (7/8/2022). He started as a starter and played the full game, partnering Harry Maguire in the heart of defence.

MU itself had quite a lot of trouble facing Brighton’s pressure, especially in the first half. Brighton, who relied on former Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck as the spearhead, successfully troubled Martinez and Maguire.



Former United defender Rio Ferdinand see that there is potential in the future Martinez will be targeted by other attackers. He will have to face top names like Harry Kane, Erling Haaland and Darwin Nunez who on paper are physically superior to Welbeck.

Martinez is relied on by United manager Erik ten Hag to build the game from the back, but at the same time is vulnerable to physical confrontation with opposing attackers. Even against Brighton yesterday he did not win a single aerial duel.

This caught Ferdinand’s attention.

“He kind of reminds me of Gabi Heinze (former United defender), but he’s better on the ball. But Harry Kane, Erling Haaland, Darwin Nunez, Chris Wood, Aleksandar Mitrovic, Danny Welbeck, these guys, if I were them I’ll stick to it when the ball goes sideways (for a cross),” Ferdinand said on Vibe with Five’s YouTube channel reported by Metro.

“Because of the difference in height, you just try and it’s up to him to handle it or not,” he added.

Ferdinand advised Martinez to be a little sneaky, imitating what the former Manchester United captain, Gary Neville, did. Neville has a habit of ‘disturbing’ the opponent’s attacker so he can’t welcome the ball freely.

“Gary Neville isn’t the tallest for a player, but when a cross comes in and he knows a big player is coming from behind him to get the ball over him, before it arrives: bam! clean,” said Ferdinand.

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