Bevere’s closed doors and healthcare without answers

The super manager that Santelli wanted to lead the Health Protection department is perched in the rooms of the department. He doesn’t answer (almost) to anyone and snubs the regional councilors. But Calabria is not Agenas …

CATANZARO Francesco Bevere has perhaps never read Corrado Alvaro. And his vast experience as a grand commis lacks an experience between the Pollino and the Strait. No one has ever told the director general of the Health Protection Department that “Calabrian wants to be spoken”. In fact, unaware of the literary advice, he has no intention of speaking with the Calabrians. And in this it is fair: its door is closed for everyone, whether it be trade unions, “common” citizens or regional councilors; emails remain unanswered; the leaders are barely listened to. Bevere, who before arriving in Calabria led Agenas and, before that, had a super manager position at the Ministry of Health, asked for ample powers and a very large salary to devote himself to Calabrian healthcare. He got them, landed in the South in a sort of political-bureaucratic ticket together with the general secretary Maurizio Borgo and, once appointed, he attracted the classic malice of a regional Citadel. «You will see, there will never be», «he will lead the sector from the Roman delegation», said his aspiring detractors. Which have been denied: Bevere, apart from ten days at the turn of August, has not moved from his office. The trouble is that hardly anyone has seen him, hardly anyone can talk to him or get an answer in writing. Perched in the department, the super manager has dissatisfied regional councilors even with the lack of response to a meeting last week.
The only one to complain publicly, at least so far, has been the opposition councilor Francesco Pitaro. While the Health Commission discussed the denied supplementary allowance (which is even asked for the return, ed) from the ASP of Catanzaro for the 118 staff, Bevere – invited to discuss with the councilors – was not there. Absence «to be stigmatized – according to Pitaro -. He may have had commitments that have arisen, but it is not superfluous to remember that health emergencies require the utmost responsibility from all, and that by failing to comply with the convocations of the Commissions, the Statute and the Regulations of the regional council are violated ». A criticism from the opposition, it will be said. But the majority councilors grumble, even if they have not officially protested. Not yet, at least.
The fact is that the closed doors policy is of great concern, in such a delicate phase, with Calabria waiting for clarity on the increase in intensive care places, on next autumn to be faced with the specter of the Covid emergency. And if it is true (and Jole Santelli remarked this in a letter to Minister Speranza) that the government has, in fact, deprived the Region of the choices on the front of the fight against the pandemic, all the other (big) Calabrian health problems remain in feet. So far, however, the CEO has been concerned with reorganizing the department (always in splendid solitude) without even involving “his” managers too much. The command of his historical secretary at the Citadel of Germaneto was also read as a further signal of entrenchment. And the first response to the closing attitude came when, faced with an expression of interest to flesh out the ranks of the department, the answer was the arrival of … zero questions. And many fear that the very cautious first steps may even lead to paralysis in the sector.
The muffled rooms of Agenas and the Ministry of Health – where, moreover, after the unsuccessful lawsuit to be reinstated in Agenas, the doors to Bevere would not really be wide open – are something other than Calabria, where to get your hands dirty (in the sense good of the term) and dialogue are almost obligatory activities if you want to produce something. (ppp)

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