Between Virus and Bacteria, Which Can Cause Severe Pneumonia? – Consultant Pulmonary Specialist Erlina Burhan said that the incident pneumonia quite high, especially among the elderly (elderly) and children under the age of five (toddlers).

“It turns out that the incidence of pneumonia is quite high, especially in the elderly and children under five years old,” Erlina explained at the press conference for World Pneumonia Day and World COPD Day, Wednesday (17/11/2021).

The elderly are susceptible to pneumonia and will be difficult to recover. The mortality rate in the elderly due to this condition is higher than in young people.

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs caused by infection, it can be due to: virus, bacteria, as well as mushrooms.

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When compared, between bacterial pneumonia and viral pneumonia, which is more severe? According to Erlina, it all depends on the type of virus or bacteria that infects.

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“(For example) pneumonia caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which has a high virulence, can replicate tremendously, so it can be severe. Meanwhile, if it is caused by human coronavirus, the disease is mild,” he explained.

However, Erlina reminded that bacterial pneumonia cannot be said to be mild either.

“If it attacks the elderly, then the ability of their low immune system can cause severe illness. The result can be sepsis, spread to blood vessels, and cause multi-organ dysfunction, then lead to multiple organ failure,” he continued.

So, there are three factors that contribute to the severity of pneumonia, namely the host, the germs and the environment.

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Erlina suggested that you always maintain a healthy lifestyle so you are not easily infected with bacteria or viruses.

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