Between Taiwan and China, a climate of war and business – Liberation


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The economies of the two countries are interdependent with significant investments, to the point that Taiwan remains one of the few places in the world to have a positive trade balance with Beijing.

Better economic integration for a “peaceful reunification”. As China’s military announces end to maneuvers around Taiwan, government releases ‘white paper’ detailing how he intends to take the island. Before resorting to “the use of force”, considered as a solution “last resort”, he explains in particular considering economic incentives.

In its strategy of taking control of the island, China has long encouraged the development of economic exchanges with Taiwan. The trade sanctions announced on August 3, the day after Nancy Pelosi came to Taipei, were more symbolic than punitive. Customs had decided to suspend the import of certain fish, whose packaging tested positive for Covid-19, and citrus fruits, claiming the presence of a harmful cochineal and excessive levels of pesticides.

“Last year it was pineapples. Stopping the importation of foodstuffs under the cover of a breach of health or environmental standards is not unusual for

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