Between God and Los Angeles, he made a choice


Incredible but true, Darren Collison is already on the verge of retirement! Remember last June, the former leader of the Pacers had reserved for the NBA a big surprise. While all the big allegations about the impending free agency occupied the media space of the orange ball, Collison had chosen him to announce his retirement only 30 years ago. In addition, it was a fairly unusual case because he chose to hang up the crampons for reasons far removed from the sporting context. This early retirement was chosen so that he could dedicate the rest of his life to God as a Jehovah’s Witness. A sentence that might have seemed like a bad joke at first, but that was quite serious. The NBA said goodbye to Darren Collison.

But today all that is a thing of the past! Indeed Adrian Wojnarowski announced that the veteran point guard is currently preparing to return to the NBA. It seems that the impenetrable voices of the Lord have been less powerful than that of basketball. His return to the big league would indeed be scheduled for the month of February. It would not be surprising to see him join a large stable after the trade deadline (05 February) once he has all the cards in hand to know which team attracts him the most. However, Darren Collison already has a very specific idea in mind. His mind is already turned to Los Angeles according to ESPN and it is there that his future will be played. Like many players in 2019, he hesitates between Clippers and Lakers.

It is therefore a return to his hometown that is preparing. A possible other return is to be considered if he chooses the Clippers. Indeed, he had already played the 2013-2014 season in the other franchise of the city at the time of Lob City. Whatever its choice, this franchise will receive a reinforcement of choice on a post where it needs it. Lakers start LeBron James in this position to compensate for their lack of talent, and the shortcomings of Rondo region and Alex Caruso leaving the bench exposes them. Replacing one of these two players with Darren Collison, a formidable defender with real talent for organization and scoring, would be a major progression. Same case with the Clippers where there is a lack of depth in this position behind the exploits of Patrick Beverley. From God in Los Angeles, city of all American anti-conservative liberation, there is only one step!

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