Between 800 million and 1 billion euros, Kiril and Asen have become richer because of the weapons for Ukraine (Live)

What a fact that when we are going to vote on the judicial reform, Hristo Ivanov has more important work and he is not in the hall. Kiril and Asen are not in the hall, asked the GERB leader

Boyko Borisov called his deputies to an emergency meeting for a report on the past week in the parliament.

According to Borisov, Asen Vasilev and Kiril Petkov have become richer with between 800 million and 1 billion euros. because of the arms brokering with Ukraine. Borisov calculated that 20% of the 5 billion went to intermediaries.

“Well done that you sent the weapons to Ukraine. The bad thing is that you lied. If you had not lied, now Die Welt and the other Western media would say “Well done” to Bulgaria and the Bulgarian political parties for putting Ukrainian flag day. Because you allowed intermediaries with Ukraine,” he asked.

“What is the fact that when we are going to vote on the judicial reform, Hristo Ivanov has more important work and is not in the hall. Kiril and Asen are not in the hall,” asked the GERB leader.

“I didn’t have a house in Barcelona, ​​I didn’t have any bullion. And I’m waiting impatiently for the Spanish to decide, if they haven’t already,” added the former prime minister.

“How come while the “Change” is in power, gasoline is more expensive, when they fell from power – the price is lower. You wanted to put the children in prison because they don’t let you steal,” asked Borisov.

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“How did the prosecutor’s office turn a blind eye to Kiril Petkov’s documents with false content. Or Boyko Rashkov’s failure to appear in court as a witness. How can we count on there being no development regarding Gemcorp,” Desislava Atanasova said at the opening of the meeting.

GERB leader Boyko Borisov called on the authorities in North Macedonia to bring to justice the perpetrators of the recent beating of the secretary of the Bulgarian cultural club in Ohrid, Hristiyan Pendikov.

According to Borisov, such cases undermine the efforts made by Bulgaria to move the neighboring country towards EU membership. The former prime minister saw and tried to push North Macedonia into the Russian sphere of influence.

“Now there’s a felony, a shooting, a beating, his jaw is broken, it’s a medium injury. Until they find the culprits and bring them to justice, we’re going to push for that to happen.

In any case, this undermines the enormous efforts we have made to get North Macedonia and Albania on the path to the European Union.

However, here I see an attempt to return North Macedonia to Russian influence, purposefully, and this is being done very actively. You should not be misled in any way. The best thing for Bulgaria is for North Macedonia and Albania to be in the European Union and NATO,” said Boyko Borisov.

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