Better than Sama Al-Masry.. Without shame, an old man in a dance line, Fisher, the best dancer, the sister of the bride, Fifi, and scenes: Safinaz and Jawhara were lost.. Watch

The pioneers of social networking sites transmitted a video clip showing an old man listening to musical notes and dancing on one of the occasions.

The video clip shows the man’s movements, which he performs with lightness and excitement, as if he was a young man, and the old man reviewed the dance in a live broadcast on a social media site.

Dance is a type of performance art consisting of voluntarily selected sequences of body movements.[1][2][3] There are many types of dance, such as pole dance, sword thief, horse dance, and dance in groups as in parties. Also, dancing with ostriches and dancing with some other animals or birds is famous. Dance is a continuous body movements that requires music.

Theatrical dance, also called performance or musical dance, is primarily intended as a spectacle and is usually performed by a group of talented dancers as a performance on stage. He often tells a story, perhaps using mime, costumes and scenery or he may simply interpret the accompanying music which is often composed specifically for the performance and to be performed in the theatre, but this is not required. Examples of this type of dance are: Western ballet, contemporary dance, and Indian classical dance such as Bharattyam

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