Better picture of eye patients with new app

Nijmegen – The eye clinic of the Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital (CWZ) in Nijmegen follows patients with macular degeneration (retinal aging) via the new app CWZ Home – macular degeneration. The app was developed together with digital partner Luscii. Through this form of monitoring, patients remain well under control and are given more control over their own health.

CWZ is treating about 1,500 patients with macular degeneration. In addition to the ‘wet’ form of this disease, which can be treated well with medicines, the largest group of patients has to deal with the ‘dry’ form. The retina ages very slowly during this process. No medication is yet available for this. In order to keep a close eye on the disease process and to be able to treat it, you have to monitor these patients often. They will also be instructed on what symptoms to look out for. The CWZ Thuis app helps them with this. Esther de Pee, nurse and doctor’s assistant at the eye clinic: “Patients often have questions about what they can pay attention to, what they can do or when they should ring the bell.”

Test your eyes at home

These patients can now do two eye tests themselves at home. One where they look at a point in a grid and indicate whether they see the lines in it straight or curved. And one where they have to read short sentences. They fill in the results in the app and can view them at any time. In addition, the app offers educational information videos. When it is time for the next test, the patient will automatically receive a reminder.

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Esther: “This allows us to monitor from a distance. Are the results in the app not in line with normal values? Then we as care providers will automatically receive a warning. We then contact the patient ourselves and discuss together whether it is necessary to come to the eye clinic. Patients like that very much. They then have direct contact with the right person when it is needed. In the meantime or as an extra check. That reassures patients and gives them confidence. ”

Unique in the Netherlands

The CWZ Home app for patients with macular degeneration is unique in the Netherlands. The app was developed by colleagues from the eye clinic and medical information technology (MIT) in CWZ, together with ophthalmologist Niels Crama and digital partner Luscii. Esther: “Patients with macular degeneration are often elderly. We tested the app with some of them beforehand. It was surprising that these patients could handle this digitally well. They found using the app very easy and accessible. ”

Niels: “The patients appreciate the app’s monitoring, alerting and education module. It gives them a sense of control. ”


CWZ and Luscii together use several CWZ Home apps. Patients can answer questions and take measurements at home. The data is automatically forwarded to the treating healthcare provider. This way, he can remotely monitor how the patient’s health is doing at home. Via the app, patients are always connected with their healthcare provider. That is nice when things are going well and reassuring when necessary. Knowing more? View on

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