Beta version starts today in Germany

Spotify starts today, i.e. from May 12, 2020, with its kids app in Germany. Abroad, also in European countries like Denmark and Sweden, Spotify Kids started in 2019. It is a separate application that is available to Spotify Family users. Only child-friendly content is available via Spotify Kids.

Basically, the game works similarly to YouTube Kids. The catalog, the editorial playlists and the algorithmic recommendations of the Spotify Kids app are compiled country-specifically by editors with a view to security and cultural relevance. Spotify mentions Mark Forster or LEA as an example.

This is where the crux begins, of course, because we at YouTube Kids also know that content slips through here that are not suitable for younger semesters. Let’s see if Spotify does it better. Spotify itself describes the functions of Spotify Kids in the Play Store as follows.

With Spotify Kids, your child can:

  • hear everything they like with their own account.
  • experience new music that is free of minors.
  • discover music specially selected by our experts for children.
  • listen to playlists compiled for young listeners.
  • listen to your favorite songs offline.

A child’s profile counts as an account in the Premium Family subscription, so it is counted towards the maximum. The Spotify Kids app uses a different layout that has been specially optimized for children. The beta has already landed in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store – you can find the links below. In addition to music, podcasts and radio plays are of course also part of the party. Spotify Kids is suitable for children from the age of 3, the look of the app adapts depending on the selected age group, several children can quickly switch to their account in-app. There are 170 special playlists.

According to Spotify, the focus was also on local content – most of the content and playlists were localized specifically for Germany. Then there are also suitable radio play recommendations for “Benjamin Blümchen”, “Bibi Blocksberg” or “TKKG”. Children can choose their own avatar and color scheme in the app. There is also a wide range of lullabies and bedtime stories should be mentioned – that was probably a wish of many parents and children. Parents can also block certain songs and radio plays.

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