Best and Worst Places to Raise a Family in the US: WalletHub Study

A new study by WalletHub show best and worst places across the United States to raise a family.

The study, which was released on Tuesday, includes a list of 182 municipalities, along with the amenities they provide, such as family recreation, health and safety, education and child car, affordability and socio-economic aspects.

With families in mind, WalletHub compared more than 180 US cities based on 45 key metrics that take into account key family dynamics, such as the cost of housing, the quality of local school and healthcare systems, and opportunities for entertainment and Recreation “, according to a statement. “While obviously not perfect – given personal preferences and the limitations of publicly available data – our results will hopefully give movers an idea of ​​their options.”

Each metric, WalletHub said, was scored on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the most favorable conditions for family life.

WalletHub said it consulted experts in several fields, such as family studies, psychology and household finances for “tips, insights and some cautionary tales”.

Fremont, Calif., ranks first with a total score of 73.71, while Cleveland, Ohio is bottom of the list, with a score of 34.65.

Here is the full list:

1. Fremont, California

2. Parc Overland, KS

3. Irvine, CA

4. Plano, TX

5. South Burlington, Vermont

6. San Diego, California

7. San Jose, California

8. Scottsdale, AZ

9. Gilbert, Arizona

10. San Francisco, California

11.Seattle, Washington

12. Lincoln, NE

13. Columbia, MD

14. Huntington Beach, Californie

15. Bismarck, North Dakota

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16. Fargo, North Dakota

17. Madison, Wisconsin

18. Boise, ID

19. Virginia Beach, Virginie

20. Warwick, RI

21. Chandler, AZ

22. Portland, ME

23. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

24. Sioux Falls, SD

25. Nashua, Petit

26. Austin, Texas

27. Omaha, NE

28. Henderson, Nevada

29. Lexington-Fayette, KY

30. Portland, ME

31. Chesapeake, Virginie

32. Lewiston, ME

33. Honolulu, Hawaii

34. Charleston, South Carolina

35. Rancho Cucamonga, Californie

36. Santa Rosa, California

37. Minneapolis, Minnesota

38. Sacramento, California

39. Pearl City, Hawaï

40. Pembroke Pines, Florida

41. Denver, Colorado

42. Washington, D.C.

43. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

44. Raleigh, North Carolina

45. Burlington, Vermont

46. ​​Chula Vista, California

47. Peoria, AZ

48. Santa Clarita, California

49. Casper, Wyoming

50. Aurora, IL

51. Grande Prairie, Texas

52. Billings, Montana

53. Tampa, Florida

54. Missoula, Montana

55. St. Paul, MN

56. Colorado Springs, CO

57. Salt Lake City, UT

58. Orlando, Florida

59. Huntsville, AL

60. St. Petersburg, Florida

61. Charlotte, North Carolina

62. Oceanside, Californie

63. Las Vegas, Nevada

64. Nampa, ID

65. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

66. Columbus, Ohio

67. Glendale, Californie

68. Reno, Nevada

69. Port St. Lucie, Florida

70. Cheyenne, Wyoming

71. New York, NY

72. Garden Grove, Californie

73. Jersey City, New Jersey

74. Juneau, AK53.70

75. Des Moines, IA

76. Kansas City, Missouri

77. Modesto, Californie

78.Spokane, WA

79. Grand Rapids, Michigan

80.Atlanta, Georgia

81. Yonkers, NY

82. Durham, North Carolina

83. Rapid City, SD

84. Boston, MA

85. Irving, Texas

86. Los Angeles, California

87. Laredo, Texas

88. Louisville, Kentucky

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89. Cape Coral, Floride

90. Fort Worth, Texas

91. Amarillo, Texas

92. Charleston, West Virginia

93. Brownsville, Texas

94. Tulsa, d’accord

95. Anaheim, California

96. Chicago, IL

97. Arlington, Texas

98. Garland, Texas

99. Bakersfield, Californie

100. Cincinnati, Ohio

101. Tallahassee, Floride

102. Oakland, Californie

103. Mesa, AZ

104. Salem, OR

105. Vancouver, Washington

106. Jacksonville, Floride

107. Phoenix, AZ

108. Anchorage, AK

109. Manchester, New Hampshire

110. West Valley City, UT

111. Providence, RI

112.El Paso, TX

113. Tempe, AZ

114. Oxnard, Californie

115. Fontana, CA

116. Nashville, Tennessee

117. Riverside, CA

118. Tacoma, Washington

119. Fort Wayne, IN

120. Worcester, Massachusetts

121. Long Beach, Californie

122. Buffalo, New York

123. San Antonio, Texas

124. Knoxville, Tennessee

125. Stockton, Californie

126. Albuquerque, New Mexico

127. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

128. Glendale, AZ

129. Chattanooga, Tennessee

130. Lubbock, Texas

131. Winston-Salem, North Carolina

132. Fort Smith, AR

133. Greensboro, North Carolina

134. Corpus Christi, Texas

135. Moreno Valley, Californie

136. Springfield, Missouri

137. Aurore, CO

138. Dallas, Texas

139. Dover, DE

140. Columbus, Georgia

141. Houston, Texas

142. Fresno, Californie

143. Richmond, Virginia

144. Santa Ana, California

145. Rochester, New York

146. Ontario, California

147. Norfolk, Virginia

148. Indianapolis, Indiana

149. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

150. Las Cruces, New Mexico

151. Wichita, KS

152. Tucson, AZ

153Newport News, Virginia

154Akron, Ohio

155Huntington, West Virginia

156Columbia, South Carolina

157Little Rock, AR

158. North of Las Vegas, Nevada

159. Baton Rouge, LA

160. St. Louis, Missouri

161. Toledo, Ohio

162. Mobile, Alabama

163. Miami, Floride

164. Montgomery, AL

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165. Fort Lauderdale, Floride

166. Gulfport, MS

167. Bridgeport, Connecticut

168. New Haven, Connecticut

169. Jackson, MS

170. Fayetteville, North Carolina

171. New Orleans, LA

172. Augusta, Georgia

173. Wilmington, DE

174. Hialeah, Florida

175. Baltimore, MD

176. Shreveport, LA

177. San Bernardino, Californie

178. Newark, New Jersey

179. Birmingham, AL

180. Detroit, Michigan

181. Memphis, Tennessee

182. Cleveland, Ohio

The release noted that “the average American can expect to move approximately 11.7 times in their lifetime.” Reasons include a new job or long-term wealth accumulation, as well as instability such as a foreclosure or job loss.

“During this period of high inflation, many families will consider moving to a location with a relatively low cost of living,” according to WalletHub.

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