Besides Earth, are there any other planets that have oxygen? This is the explanation


There is only one planet where gaseous oxygen is found: Earth! The only reason the Earth has oxygen is because it has plants that do photosynthesis. Photo / World Atlas

JAKARTA – All planet in the solar system has an atmosphere with gas composition varying degrees, some have subtle atmospheres while others are very dense. It all depends on the composition of the planet and the simple gases that compose it, such as hydrogen and helium.

Also, note that there is only one method of oxygen formation known as photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants produce food from water and carbon dioxide by releasing oxygen as a by-product.

“Of all the planets, only one has plants and produces food through photosynthesis. That planet is Earth. Therefore, the Earth has the highest amount of oxygen among the planets “, wrote the page of the World Atlas quoted by SINDOnews on Tuesday (27/9/2022).

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Mercury and Mars also have traces of oxygen in the atmosphere. However, not only because these planets or other celestial bodies have traces of oxygen, you immediately think that the planet is habitable for man.

According to new research, the production of oxygen does not necessarily indicate the presence of living organisms on the planet. On exoplanets, planets orbiting stars in other solar systems, non-biological chemical reactions when water interacts with titanium oxide can release oxygen into the atmosphere.

In other words, the discovery of oxygen on other planets was not due to the process of photosynthesis and did not involve other living organisms, as on Earth. This fact is proof that exoplanets did not develop with living organisms like those found on Earth.

“Although oxygen is still one of the sources of life (biomarkers), there is a need to look for new biomarkers other than oxygen,” said Norio Narita of the National Institutes of Natural Science of Japan.

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So, there is only one planet where gaseous oxygen is found: Earth! The only reason the Earth has oxygen is because it has plants that do photosynthesis. No other natural process is capable of producing large amounts of oxygen in the planet’s atmosphere, apart from photosynthesis.

There are four main gases in the Earth’s atmosphere with oxygen being the second most abundant gas after nitrogen. Its composition is as follows: nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%), argon (0.93%) and carbon dioxide (0.04%). The remaining 0.03% is made up of trace gases such as neon, krypton, helium and hydrogen. There is also water vapor.

Earth’s atmosphere is the only thing in the solar system that can sustain life. In addition to the oxygen used by humans and animals, and the carbon dioxide used by plants, there are other gases that protect the earth from the sun’s harmful rays.

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