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Winter is synonymous with a coat and everyone knows it, but Hollywood models take the opportunity to show off their best designer outfits, and one of them is the beautiful Kendall, always in fashion, who recently made her appearances with a fabulous and expensive coat in the color that is in trend. So that, Bershka dares with him green coat that Kendall Jenner made famous and brings him not only to Jerez de la Fronterabut to all Spain at a very low and affordable price.

To find out more about this fantastic news and find out how similar the model of Bershka Regarding Kendall’s, don’t stop reading this post, because you’ll even know what you have to pay and believe me, it’s a Christmas gift from the store for its customers!

Kendall Jenner on a bike with the green coat she became famous for

Bershka for your winter wardrobe

One of the shops Low Cost that most followers have to renew the wardrobe according to the season, is Bershka, because normally they venture to present new parts for every season, that are fashionable and on par with the models in trend.

In this specific case, with the arrival of the cold, the first snowfalls and with the formal date on the door that decrees the winter In Spain, making clothes that protect you is essential, and the brand has already launched several outfits that are of impact, becoming the best option.

Being the coats The most original pieces that go hand in hand with the latest fashion trend every winter season, Bershka made sure to have something that was all the rage, because coats, winter and fashion go hand in hand this 2021 with them.

Coats, winter and fashion

Likewise, it is not possible to conceive a winter without a coat that fulfills two essential functions: protect you from the cold and make you look great. During each year at this time the catwalks of the world are filled with coats of all styles, with much luxury and ostentation, while every mortal on earth prays for just one of them.

The colors vary each time, and this 2021 the chosen one is the verde, not only for coats, but for many other clothing items, such as sweaters, jackets, and even pants.

The truth is that, if they had the opportunity to acquire a prestigious coat of the latest designer collection every year, many would do so without thinking about it, but their high cost makes it very difficult, hence low-cost stores like Bershka bet on similar types that allow the most demanding clients to look how they want, but with an investment well below what is expected.

Green is the trend of the moment

No red, no gold or pink, as had been used throughout the year; And finally, the color that appears with great power is green. And in many fashion reviews it can be noted that its final arrival is more and more imminent, so the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve outfits will be very different from what is expected.

Perhaps it is a fleeting thing, but given the tone that is presented, it is most likely that it will become the color of the year 2022, due to its adaptability and its ease of combining, especially at Christmas.

Kendall Jenner knows this color has come strong

But regardless of whether it is a passing fashion or not, those who do not miss the opportunity to wear the tone in trend are the stars of the show, as is the case of the well-known Kendall Jenner, model, influencer, socialite and businesswoman American, who has worn a fur coat in a green tone with cuffs and collar made of very soft fur of natural origin in the same tone.

Kendall Jenner with green coat

It is a coat that belongs to the house Saks Potts, so its price is obviously quite high, which makes its look very difficult for women in the world to match. Except for those who have the budget to buy it, or for Bershka, who comes to the rescue and brings a very similar version.

Bershka brings a version very similar to Kendall’s green coat

And being then that green is the color in trend this Christmas and, therefore, winter 2021, Bershka has decided for it to present its new garments from the collection. And more specifically it has brought to Spain that fabulous model that the socialite Kendall Jenner has become a global icon.

Bershka fur faux fur coat in green

The resemblance is amazing, except for the green tone that is a little darker than the original of the model, for the slightly less luxurious finish on the cuffs and neck that has been made in a lower-cost plush fabric. very comfortable and subtle to the touch, and of course, for the price it will leave you in total amazement.

You can get it in different sizes, ranging from the smallest (XS) to the largest (L in this case).

Bershka fur faux fur coat in green

How much does Bershka’s green coat cost?

Normally, for a quality coat, in many stores in the country you can pay between 100 and 200 Euros, even more, much more! Because the factors that affect the cost of this garment are really varied, from the fabric to the designer who created it and the house that made it.

But in Bershka the intention is to emulate the most outstanding models without ruining your life in debt and excessive payments for a garment, which although necessary, it is not possible to invest so much money.

Bershka fur faux fur coat in green

For this reason, Bershka dares with the green coat that Kendall Jenner turned into an icon and brings it to Spain at a minimum price, less than € 60.00!, Specifically to 59,99 €, a bargain that ladies all over the world are already enjoying to the fullest.
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