Bernie Sanders would intervene militarily if China attacked Taiwan


The current favorite candidate of the US Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders, would intervene militarily against China if Peking attack the island of Taiwan, he said in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

The socialist senator, who opposed the US war in Iraq in 2002, declared the program “60 minutes” that he will not exclude, if elected, intervene militarily in certain situations.

“I hope they are the least possible, but we have the best army in the world,” he said, and detailed the situations in which such interventions could take place: “Threats against the American people, of course, and threats against our allies. “” I believe in NATO, “said the 70-year-old.

When asked about the possibility of an intervention in reaction to a Chinese military attack against Taiwan, the candidate replied: “Yes, for example.”

Mainland China and Taiwan they have been ruled by rival regimes since 1949. China regards Taiwan as one of its provinces and has promised one day to regain control, by force if necessary, especially if the island declares its independence.

“I think we have to make it clear to countries around the world that we will not sit idly by and will not allow invasions to occur,” he added.

United States broke diplomatic ties with Taipei in 1979 to recognize the People’s Republic as the sole representative of China, but it is still Taiwan’s most powerful ally and its main weapons supplier.

Leading the polls to face Donald Trump On November 3, Sanders also said he could meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, with whom the current president had three meetings. “I have no problem talking with adversaries around the world.”

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