Bernardo Tavares Officially Becomes Coach, PSM Makassar Telikung Finnish Club?

PSM Makassar management officially announced Bernardo Tavares as the new coach of Juku Eja in Liga 1 2022/23 to replace Joop Gall whose contract was not renewed.

PSM did not retain Gall following the disappointing results obtained by the Ramang Troops while being handled by the Dutch architect, so they had to fight to save themselves from the threat of relegation. Gall only recorded four wins, six draws and seven defeats in 17 matches.

Management immediately moved to find a new coach to replace Gall. They finally brought Tavares. The Portuguese coach is no stranger to Asian football, having handled Al Nahda (Oman), New Radiant (Maldives), Benfica de Macau (Macao), and Churchil Brothers (India).

PSM extended a farewell greeting to Gall, and extended a welcome address to Tavares. PSM hopes the presence of Tavares can stop their bad record last season.

“Half a season together, coach Joop Gall today (yesterday) parted ways with us. Thank you, coach,” said the management statement via the account Instagram club official.

“Welcome coach Bernardo Tavares. Happy iftar from the new captain of PSM, coach Bernardo Tavares, hopefully it can be a thirst quencher.”

The arrival of Tavares to handle PSM was quite surprising. This is because the coach who had an apprenticeship with Jose Mourinho signed a contract with the Finnish Veikkausliiga club (Liga 1 equivalent), Helsingfors IFK (HIFK), on December 21, 2021 for the 2022 season, as well as an option for a one-year extension.

Even Tavares only led HIFK in the inaugural match of Veikkausliiga on 2 April. In that match, HIFK lost 2-1 to the host Seinajoen Jalkapallokerho (SJK).

Three days after the match, Tavares announced his retirement from HIFK due to family reasons. The reason was conveyed by HIFK sporting director Mika Lonnstrom on the club’s official website.

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“We understand the reason and background of his situation. Shocking situations like this always exist in football,” Lonnstrom said.

“I hereby inform you that from now on I will no longer be the coach of HIFK in the Finnish Premier League. I want to thank the club, for accepting my resignation, and for understanding my reasons,” Tavares wrote on his account Instagram personal.

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